Neurology, Orthopedics and Trauma

Neurology, Orthopedics and Trauma

Mission's orthopedic experts provide patients of western North Carolina with best-in-class, patient-centered bone and joint care; focused on getting our patients to their desired outcomes with shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times so they can get back to their lives and keep doing what they love, Mission Health serves many types of patients from student-athletes to recovery after joint-replacement and to patients with complex bone fractures following a car or bike accident.

The Mission Neurosciences and Spine teams are experts in caring for the patients of WNC who have been affected by a wide range of neurological and spinal conditions including stroke, epilepsy (seizures), sleep issues, back pain, movement disorders (such as Parkinson's disease) and other brain or spine problems. We are the primary Stroke Center for western North Carolina and have expanded our life-saving services throughout the region with our innovative tele-stroke program, which allows us to assess and treat patients at hospitals and healthcare centers across the region as soon as they present with symptoms of stroke.

Mission Hospital is the only Trauma Center in western North Carolina and within the Mission Health System, all trauma patients are brought to Mission Health to receive care. We provide 24-hour access to care for all patients involved in a traumatic accident and have a team of dedicated trauma-surgeons to provide world-class care for patients in this region.  In collaboration among emergency responders, Mission's MAMA helicopters, and our Trauma team at Mission help to ensure that our patients get the life-saving treatment they need as quickly as possible. 

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