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We understand that an abnormal mammogram or breast biopsy can create great fear and uncertainty. It is common for women to have a multitude of difficult questions and concerns that require the immediate need for qualified, helpful, communication combined with expert care. Funding will support the Mission Health Breast Program which helps patients manage the uncertainty and complexity in the hopes to alleviate fear as much as possible. This team of Breast Experts specialize in continuity, coordination, personalized discussions and a passionate culture of quality breast care.


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This Case for Support is being developed. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about Mission Health System's Breast Cancer Program, please contact Katie Dennehy.

For more information about this Case for Support, please contact:


Katie Dennehy, Manager, System Giving Programs or 828.213.1066


Champions for this Case for Support are Dr. Steven Limentani and Marika Loveless.